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Setting xxxxxxxxxx



An old man, the old man's wife, a slave,
the slave's son, the steward, and
the steward's daughter
The setting was ancient times
in Arabia.
This story is an old man who goes on a journey
and leaves his wife with his slaves. When he is gone,
his wife turns his slave in to a cow and the slave's
son in to a calf. When the man returns he accidentily
kills his slave/cow as a sacrifice. He is about to kill
the calf but stopped when he saw the calf crying
and begging. The steward takes the old man to his
daughter, who knows magic. The daughter tells the
old man about his slaves. The daughter turns the
calf back, and as a punishment turns the wife into
a hind.
It doesn't matter what you
look like, what matters is
what's on the inside!