Plot- The Vizir Who Was Punished




This story is about a young vizir who is always getting punished for his wrong-doings. he goes through two lives of being punished. In his first life, he is irresponsible and almost gets the prince he was protecting killed by a family of ogres. he is executed by the prince's father for this. In his second life, he wants to go fishing, but can't in this sacred pond. But then a genie comes out and helps him. The genie says "Be careful and only throw your nets once a day, otherwise some harm will happen to you." And the vizir does just that until one day, he throws his nets twice because the sultan wants to know why whenever you try to cook the fish, a damsel comes out of the wall and makes the fish speak. His punishment this time though was not death. He was turned into black marble from the waist, and will forever stand in the courtyard at the marble palace alone.
  • The Prince
  • The Grand Vizir
  • Ogress
  • Greek king
  • Fisherman
  • The Genie
  • The sultan
  • The cook
  • The damsel
There are many settings in this story.
  • Forest
  • The castle
  • The lake
  • The cook's kitchen
  • The black marble palace
The theme is that you should always do good, and you will not be punished.

The Vizir Who Was Punished- The First Scene